The Partner Journey

The partner journey. With bundles of experience, loads of expertise and a complete suite of mobile, fixed line and cloud services, we are in excellent shape to guide partners through the delivery of telecoms services to business customers.

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We have our partners’ backs and work both with and for you in a way that suits you best. Whether it’s giving the training to enable you to be self-sufficient, having experts on hand to support you, or even our own people selling on your behalf, we’re always here to help.

We know that all of our partners’ businesses are unique, so we work with you dynamically and flexibly to support your journey to success. We like to refer to this as a journey to becoming a Heavy Hitter, to a Rock Star Reseller and, ultimately, King of the Dealers.


Heavy Hitter: Supporting you to punch above your weight

With the backing of Daisy Distribution and the wider Daisy Group, our partners have the confidence to punch above their weight, competing in the marketplace for bigger and more complex customer accounts. Partnering with us gives you access to expert knowledge and support across all business functions, including sales, marketing and finance.

We dedicate a Daisy Distribution Business Development Manager who will take the time to find out what really makes your organisation tick. With the back up of our internal teams and product specialists, they can give you training and support in the areas you most need it.

Throughout the year, we host regular partner roadshows, Partner Academy training sessions and monthly webinars to ensure all of our partners, no matter what size, have the tools, resources and support they need to grow their business and take it to the next level.




Rock Star Reseller: Increasing your revenues through an expanding and diverse product set

With a strong heritage and excellent track record in the mobile industry, Daisy Distribution is in a chart-topping position to support our partners, with game-changing commercial opportunities across Daisy, Vodafone, O2 and EE – updated regularly, refreshed every quarter and published in our network guides.

In today’s super fast-paced digital landscape, businesses are continually looking to increase productivity and reduce costs through integrated telecommunication solutions. For many companies, the aim is to have one point of contact for all their technology needs.

In supporting our partners to stay ahead of the competition, we offer you the opportunity to sell Daisy Distribution’s own portfolio of communications products to your customers, alongside mobile airtime contracts.

This combined approached means you are able to help your customers in achieving a truly mobile and efficient workforce. What’s more, by selling multiple product sets, you are in a position to adapt to change and diversify your offering – creating a more loyal and profitable customer base. Ultimately, become a Rock Star Reseller.




King of the Dealers: Self sufficient and smashing targets

At Daisy Distribution, we’re here to support our partners to develop, grow and achieve their true business potential.

We empower you to become self-sufficient – leaving you to run your business, choosing how and when to engage with us in a way that suits you best. We give sales teams expert back up, and can even sell straight to your customers, if needed.

The introduction of new digital workflow tools such as Viability, E-sign and InTouch along with the Daisy Partner Portal, allowing you to self-manage your account, has enabled our partners to truly elevate their business to regal status.

With the support of Daisy Distribution, coupled with your own hard work, dedication and passion, our partners are equipped to conquer the telecoms market by increasing service offerings, growing your customer base and, ultimately, smashing revenue targets.

Partnering with Daisy really is a no-brainer!





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