Lines and Calls

Cost-effective phone lines, advanced call handling and disaster recovery features will keep your customers’ businesses talking.

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Lines and calls

From cost-effective phone lines to advanced call handling features, business lines and calls packages, inbound solutions and audio conferencing, Daisy Distribution has a fully inclusive suite of communications packages to suit any business of any size.

Keeping your customers talking

Whilst technology is always advancing, giving us multiple means of staying in touch, there is no escaping that making and receiving calls to connect with our colleagues, partners and customers remains as important as ever.

Whatever the size of business, Daisy Distribution is able to provide simple-to-understand line and call packages with cost-effective call routing options and highly-competitive tariffs, along with brilliant customer service and dedicated account management.

Partnering with Daisy Distribution enables you to offer your customers improved engagement, reliability and resilience of communications. The latest voice technologies allow your customers to take advantage of flexible working – with voice services designed to keep users sounding professional, from any location.

Why Daisy Distribution?

The backing of Daisy Distribution allows you to pass on many benefits to your customers. The provision of these enhanced services gives you an opportunity to open up additional revenue streams for your own business.

Tailored solutions: Competitive packages suitable for all types of businesses.

Cost savings: Free calls from landlines to mobiles*.

24/7/365 support: Assistance from our award-winning service teams.

Self-managed billing: Online cost centre reporting.

Strong partnerships: Supporting over 400,000 business lines in the UK.

End-to-end offering: A complete portfolio of services means you can keep all of your customers’ business communications in one place.

* If both landline and mobile are taken from and billed by Daisy.

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To find out more about the simple, tailored and cost effective packages we can build for your customers, please contact us.