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Break down barriers and fuel productivity by merging your customers’ communications platforms into one.

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Unified communications

Incorporating hosted VoIP, telephone systems, video conferencing, IM and presence, your customers will have access to the latest tools to seamlessly connect their workforce. Whether on-premise or cloud-based, our solutions ensure your customers’ teams remain contactable at all times – no matter what device they use.

Increasing collaboration and productivity

Daisy Distribution’s unified communications suite will provide your customers with an intuitive business communications and collaboration experience. Seamlessly integrating cutting edge video, IM and other collaboration tools with their existing communications estate in order to transform efficiency and, as a result, productivity.

Our application integration means that previously disparate systems can work together in a simpler way and our multimedia conferencing tools enable teams to work together more effectively by speeding up decision-making.


A significant feature in our unified communications portfolio is Daisy’s Hosted Voice Select (HV. Select). This Voice over IP (VoIP) service offers you so much more than a traditional telephone system. Your customers will have easier and more cost-effective means to manage all of their telephony. HV Select is fully cloud based, so customers spend less money on hardware and maintenance, while having access to enterprise-grade functionality.


Our voice and video services ensure you are able to offer high-quality communication to your customers at all times. Operational efficiencies can be realised through video communication – standard or HD quality. As a result, enhanced revenue opportunities are open to you.


Daisy Distribution’s range of unified communications brings a host of advantages.


Knowledge accessibility: Enables teams to communicate and collaborate easily.

Attract and retain talent: Provides the best working environment for motivated people.

Take control of costs: Customers can boost profits with a more productive workforce.

Controlled devices in workspaces: Customers can make the most of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD).

Why Daisy Distribution?


Partnering with Daisy Distribution offers unrivalled benefits.


Flexibility: We can offer bespoke private or shared environment solutions.

Choice: Communicate with customers in a method that suits them (voice, SMS, video).

End-to-end capabilities: We utilise our own network, data centres and skilled engineers.

Scale: We are the largest independent UK supplier.

Experience: Decades of experience working with the old and the new, backed by the highest levels of accreditation with the world’s leading vendors and service providers.

Support: More than 300 service professionals and 1,500 engineers. Here for you, 24/7, 365 days a year.

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