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Daisy Talk Talk Ethernet Incentive

Right now Daisy Distribution are offering a Daisy Boost of £500 additional commission for every TTB Ethernet connection sold.*

Why Fibre Ethernet for your customers?


Daisy’s ultimate connectivity, this end-to-end fibre solution offers unparalleled levels of reliability and speed.


It can be implemented in most locations regardless of whether or not fibre is currently available.


Speeds of 10Mbps to 10Gbps and low latency ensure that the most demanding real time applications can be handled with ease.


Daisy options include our highest service levels (99.93% availability), a 5 hour circuit fix and 4 hour Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) replacement service.


A secure, totally managed service capable of dealing with large numbers of users and any high bandwidth cloud based application.


Consider this option if….


Your customers business needs complete control of their connectivity at all times, and any loss of service would have a major financial or operational impact.

Your customers existing connectivity speed isn’t meeting their requirements or they are experiencing too much down time.


Did you know…..


The UK average broadband speed tops out at just 22mb, which makes it difficult to do business.


When looking at a SME customer with 15 employees, this average means collectively they are wasting 1 calendar month between them just waiting for downloads.


Therefore the logic is that the quicker the speed, the greater the reduction in downtime enabling your customers staff to be more productive.


Why Fibre Ethernet for you the Business Partner?


Unlike our competitors we pay our partners the full commission of the contract as soon as the Ethernet is installed.


This is great for cash flow and enables our partners to subsidise the costs of other products that they are offering to the customer (aiding their chance of conversion).


Daisy is carrier agnostic and our Ethernet pricing tool enables our partners to select the most cost-effective ‘on-net’ solutions ensuring that our prices are always competitively priced.



Need to know more?

Speak to your field or internal BDM, or speak to a member of the Daisy Distribution team using the contact details below.

Call: 03333 204 540

Email: Distributionmarketing@daisygroup.com




Terms and conditions


  • Terms of the Daisy Dealer Agreement apply.
  • Applies to TTB EAD (Ethernet Access Direct) connections only.
  • Standard commission applicable to Ethernet circuits sold with all other carriers.
  • Commission paid in line with current scheme.
  • Daisy reserves the right to remove this promotion at any time.