Putting the Nokia 2.1 to the test

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Getting to grips with Nokia’s latest handsets – how does the Nokia 2.1 stack up?

Putting the right device in your customer’s hands can be a challenge.

There are a number of different models and brands that they might want to consider and the price will likely be a factor too. We strive to support partners in having the knowledge they need to be able to sell the best solution at the best price and this is why we have put the familiar Nokia 2.1 to the test on their behalf. Here’s what one of our Business Development Managers thought of the affordable yet stylish device.


Nokia 2.1

Spec overview
OS: Android 8.1 Oreo Go
Display: 5.5” (16:9 aspect ratio)
Storage: 8GB
Camera: 8MP rear and 5MP front
Battery: 4,000 mAh – two day battery power is a bonus!
Ram: 1GB




Considering the great, low price point of the Nokia 2.1, it certainly looks the part for any business executive. The copper trim around the edges of the phone gives it added style, although the plastic back – removable to add or remove the SIM – detracts from this slightly.



With only 1GB of RAM, this phone could be fairly limited. However, loaded with Android Oreo Go and the lite, more efficient versions of a range of apps including Google Go, Google Maps Go and Gmail Go, this wasn’t an issue. In fact, Android Go opens apps far quicker than other Android software and need up to 50% less space.

Installing the additional apps I needed for my trial wasn’t a problem either and, to add to storage space for these, installing an SD card is easy – simply pop open the back cover. I’d suggest this is definitely worth considering when purchasing the handset.

On the road…

Every week, work takes me a little further afield on a couple of days and a 400 mile round trip into the midlands seemed like the ideal choice to test the 2.1 on the road.

I’d loaded a few pdfs and Word documents onto the phone to scroll through while I was with my clients – this was smooth and easy to do in Google Docs, which I’d downloaded for the job, as was scanning through websites for last minute research.

I was also able to easily forward information back to the office after each appointment and to book follow-up meetings into the calendar.

I did find that it’s a good idea to remember to close down apps after you’ve used them, as functionality slows when several apps are open at the same time. Closing them down is simple too – click the square and then X on the app you want to close.


In the office…

For use in the office, the Files Go app that comes preinstalled is great for accessing files and the Bluetooth sharing enables easy transfers too.

The features that particularly shone for me in the office, though, were the screen size, resolution and dual front firing speakers. These were particularly useful when a Partner called in to discuss Viability and the features our latest portal would provide them with. We reviewed our ‘how to’ videos together, on the handset, and we both agreed that these features of the 2.1 come together to create a great viewing experience.


At home…

For personal use, the 2.1 is also limited but, for me, it did everything I needed it to. Although the on-screen keyboard is relatively small, I was able to catch up with and respond to the emails I’d received while I was travelling and to update my calendar.

Google Assistant Go was very helpful for research, especially for voice-activated website navigation. Then I uploaded a couple of games to relax into the evening and the handset’s dual speakers came into their own once again.


With a price point of less than £100, the Nokia 2.1 is a great low-cost mobile phone. It’s perhaps best used for office-based executives who may need to use their mobile phone for business from time to time. A great value option for SIM only deals.


If you are a Daisy Distribution partner and would like to order a Nokia 2.1 on behalf of your customers, please contact your Sales Support Advisor – 01473 382 000 (option 1)