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Streamline your processes and empower your business with Viability


Viability from Daisy Distribution is a powerful business tool designed to keep you in control. Build  quotes and create bespoke, professional proposals for customers – , simply, speedily and securely . Viability gives a comprehensive overview of the commerciality of all your deals, managing your margins and controlling costs for you, making mobile quoting a breeze. You can control the sales process from start to finish, building your pipeline  with all elements of a deal factored in, while also helping you to remain compliant with network and industry requirements.

Build competitive and profitable deals in minutes


Viability delivers a detailed summary of customer spend, revenue, gross profit and cash flow for every deal you create. The commercial output of your deals will change in real time as you add connections and hardware and factor in additional costs and funding. Viability links directly into Daisy Distribution’s systems, drawing network tariff and commercial detail from our commission tables and enabling you with complete control and visibility of margins and hardware costs.

Once your deal has been built, Viability allows you to easily compare the commercials to multiple alternative tariffs, networks and hardware, ensuring output is perfectly suited for your business, as well as for your customer’s needs.

Detailed commercial summary Easy access to manage all your deals. Build and compare tariff options


Order network connections and hardware – quickly and efficiently

With Viability, you can build deals for new connections, ports, migrations or resigns in minutes, from any of your approved networks. Deals with multiple connection types can be submitted on the same job, including the addition of value added services, additional funding, cash back, clawbacks and much more.

  • Live feed into network propositions, commercials and hardware pricing
  • React confidently and quickly –  never miss another opportunity
  • Take control of the sales process, throughout the course of your deal



Create and send professional proposal documents.

Viability supports your business throughout the sales process, from the initial stages of building a suitable deal for your customer through to gaining approval and sign off.

Viability’s proposal builder is an easy to use platform that allows you to build and submit professional customer proposals.

  • Select from a range of professional template themes
  • All necessary network compliance documents included
  • Why network for business pages, added to fit your deal
  • Incorporate your own, bespoke information pages
  • Portray big company professionalism


“At Daisy Distribution we continually seek and act upon feedback from our Partners. We’ve designed Viability to be flexible and easy to use, syncing in with our other systems to deliver information that makes the proposal and subsequent ordering process easy and effective.

The launch of Viability is just the beginning, we’ll be continuously improving this exciting new platform in line with the feedback we receive from our Partners.”


Julien Parven
Daisy SMB – Marketing Director